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A Top Chef Tells How He Uses HarvestMark Traceability


"Jason Tilmann is the executive chef of Triomphe, and chooses every ingredient on his menu based on the season, and more importantly, the source — and thinks you should follow suit."

Food Safety and Freshness

" 'The most important part of dining and eating is where you buy your food from. That goes for us in the kitchen and those at home. With so many food-related illnesses and recalls, shoppers need to be aware of where their food is coming from to guarantee that it is fresh and safe.

Knowing the path of your food from farm to fork is the number one way to ensure food safety and quality. A great tool that I use to help me trace fresh produce back to the source is the HarvestMark Food Traceability app. Not only does this app allow you to trace your food, but it allows you to give feedback to the people who grow and sell your food by using the "Talk to the Farmer" feature, and you can also find out instantly if your food is part of a recall.' "

Where You Shop

" 'When you walk into a marketplace, clean smells never get a second chance to make a first impression. In this scenario, it is okay to judge a book by its cover. Perceptions are reality, in this instance, so listen to what your instincts are telling you. Vegetables should look fresh and crisp, not welted and dead. The fish department should smell clean and fresh like the ocean, not foul or overly fishy. The meat should look red and vibrant, not dry and crusty.

When you’re looking in the meat and fish departments look at the butcher. Does he or she look clean? Is their hair tied back? Are they wearing gloves? It’s important to look at the person handling the food as well. The reality in this situation is that you need to use your judgment. . . .

It is extremely important to know that the marketplace you go to is licensed and certified. There are so many steps in the process from farm to fork and you need to make sure that everyone is doing their part along the way to ensure quality and safety.' "